eXchange experience. (fragments of memories) after half months

 Hello Sunny Days. Hello Cluj-Napoca

AIESEC gave me the opportunity to live a full experience, through sending me in EVS project: Sunny Days in Cluj.
From the beginning I decided to take this opportunity to fulfill my experience [...] and enrich my development process.
My story was like this:
Just in few hours after my arrival, I had to go to Predeal for a preparation conference.
Mountains, cold wind and feeling that you are high describe the mood of a satisfaction that I could live in here.

People from about 11 countries, shared experience, all this enriched my intercultural awareness.
After a week of qualitative trainings and many established relationships was time to go back to Cluj and to start my project.
Meeting with first wave, with my colleagues was emotional, because they already knew places in there and how the things are going.
Integration process was not so long, of course, moldavian people can handle situation very quick and they get used to new environment easily. So, me and Cluj- a special friendship.

Meet my center

First day at my center "Clujul are suflet", where I met the staff and teenagers with whom I had to work for 1,5 months. [...] Meditations at maths and english, ping-pong, movies, personal development activities, games, country presentation, all this I made toghether with them.

I got used to them a lot, and I couldn’t imagine that in few weeks I’ll finish my work in there.
[...] This was heaven. When you feel that you can have an impact on their life and development, that you can listen and help them, they become a part of you and you a part of them.
Amazing time spend together, with jokes, fun, punishments and long talks. This become also my center, with my teenagers and I promised  that one day I’ll visit them again.

My crazy team

2 girls from Estonia- Heili and Katlin and a boy from Greece- Alex. This is my crazy team. Besides that we worked together, lived in one apartment and went out every day, we traveled a lot. This made us closer to each other. It was for the first time in my life when I hitch hiked. And it was really crazy. Roșia Montana, Alba Iulia, Turda, Sibiu, Blaj, Jidvei, Sighisoara, Tirgul Mures, Hunedoara, Deva and finally, Timisoara. All this destinations full of adventures made our experience more colorful. Tight friendship, shared experience and desire to go back to Cluj, are just some of points that unite us. [...] a big thank to skype and facebook that bring people closer. [...]

Thank you for my experience

Yes, here I want to thank EVS, sending organization- AIESEC Moldova, host organization- AIESEC Cluj-Napoca for the best experience. Without them I couldn’t be in Cluj and meet all the people that had a big impact on my development, on my life. I want to thank my center “Clujul are Suflet” because they were the main point in my activity and they made me wake up every morning with the thought of meeting them again. Thank you Sunny Days 2.0 first wave, because you began experience and we could build continuity and bring added value to all your work. Thank you Picture the Nature project and MT trainees, also all volunteers from EVS that I met in Predeal, you enriched my cultural awareness and arouse desire to travel more and to find out about all your cultures. Also you gave me the opportunity to have the best time in Romania. My OCP thank you for all, especially for Jidvei and Blaj and sorry for all our problems J. Dear EB without you this experience could not exist, thank you for making it possible. Thank you people from Cluj and from other places that we visited, it was amazing to meet all you, for long or short period of time, everyone has a place in my memories now. And last but not least, thank you my crazy team, you are the best of best of the best. Thank you all!


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