My country - Moldova

Ana has come with the idea to promote Moldova to " friends and friends of friends".
Despite of fact that a lot of people don't know where Moldova is situated and many of them do not admire it, I love my country and I totally sustain this campaign.
Moldova is the territory between Ukraine and Romania with hospitable and generous people.
Moldova has attractive places as Țipova (the largest cave monasteries in Eastern Europe), Saharna, Orheiul Vechi and other marvelous landscapes. Thanks to fertile soil and favourable climate, large area is also occupied by vineyards. That's why we have a large underground network where is fabricate and kept wine production (Mileștii Mici, Cricova or Purcari)
Moldova is known with great people as Grigore Vieru (poet), Eugen Doga(composer), Maria Bieșu (opera singer), Nicolae Testimițieanu (doctor) etc.
You recognize Moldova when you are listening to O-zone, Crazy Loop or Zdob & Zdup.
You know that the official language is Romanian and we have great traditions as Mărțișor in spring.
Try to discover many other interesting things about Moldova here and you will be really surprised.


  1. yeah!! That`s right!! xD

  2. WoW! Moldova is my country too! I like it! Well-done! =D

  3. You made a mistake, as I know the official language in Moldova it is Moldavian.

    1. the official language is Romanian !!!!

    2. oh really never heard of that!!!!!!well then if it's romanian then go and live in romania!!!!!i love moldova nad we speak here only on moldovan!!!!!!

    3. e romana!! lumea trebuie sa puna mina pe istorie )

  4. @ANONYMOUS: Se scrie ``Loser`` !!!!!!!